We're Going to Save KC

the foundational work of establishing food access, education, and infrastructure

We are taking on the challenge of regaining the trust of a disenfranchised community. We personally connect with community members and are working to prove that Project RALLY is a reliable support for restoration.

We believe making healthy foods available to community members is a good place to start the work to improve the perception of our community. Project Rally is growing fresh produce to make the connections. We create community gardens in neighborhoods that are affected by the food desert of the northeast end of Wyandotte County. Although change hasn’t always led to positive growth in our community, we know that growing fresh, organic produce is a resource that truly improves the lives of our communities.

“All of our produce is grown for the community and given to the community members at NO COST.”

All of our produce is grown for the community and given to the community with no cost. This is our primary attempt to reassure the community we are not here to take, but to give with the intention to restore trust.

Many of our community members are terribly underserved and unaware of the many financial and nutritional benefits of growing their own food. They have not been provided the skills of basic horticulture. As a consequence, our upbeat message has sometimes been met with feelings of strong frustration or dislike.

As a remedy, we host an annual garden event which allows us to explain our mission and illustrate exactly how they will benefit. We educate the community by teaching the steps of planting and harvesting. We are able to demonstrate the different techniques of planting their own produce, like planting in raised beds, vertical growing, or the traditional growing in flat dirt.