Our Vision for Securing The Future of Our Community Our Vision for Securing The Future of Our Community

The Project RALLY Leadership Grounds

Do you ever wonder if our black community could get better, maybe heal? We think about this very often, and we think it definitely can. We feel that our community needs higher cohesion and to see trust among ourselves. As it is our mission to meet our needs, we are going to build the Project RALLY Leadership Building.

Building a community center is important because it will help heal our community by providing a safe space for every person to feel respect. It will be a place for our people to get to know each other and establish accountability, recognize leadership in our youth, and gain knowledge of health and wellness to better love our community and ourselves. The center will provide a space to offer seminars and panel discussions, gardening and home farming classes, and a point of reference to community aid and mental health services.

The Grounds

PR Grounds
  1. A. Leadership Building - public conference space, business center, administrative offices
  2. B. Community Flower Gardens - gardening space, public beautification
  3. C. Community Plots (Produce) - public gardening for produce, free for the public
  4. D. Community Green Houses (Produce) - public all-year plots for produce, free for the public
  5. E. Project Green House - community plant-based production
  6. F. Horticulture Center - Domestic gardening learning space

Progject Rally Leadership Building

SW view of PR Building SE view of PR Building NE view of PR Building NW Interior view of PR Building SE Interior view of PR Building

We hope that this compact space provides room for community members to learn about health and wellness. We want a space with an inviting and inspiring interior to let our community members know that they are worth it. We want visitors to feel like they can turn to us to gain the skills needed to empower themselves. We want our community to reclaim better health by getting physical and mindfully working on gardening projects and other workshops to build healthier habits and build confidence.

Our Vision

Arial view of PR Building

This is the destination to see our visions from hope and imagination of what will happen. We believe that healthy individuals create healthier communities and we must begin the change by investing in ourselves, one by one. By raising our efforts and standing together, we will inspire our community because when they see us, they can see themselves. We invite our community members to become our teammates at every level. The needs of our community are not obscure. Even if you are not personally familiar with the people, we all can relate.